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23 Dec, 2016 URCA issues Preliminary Determination on Mobile Number Portability in The Bahamas
04 Sep, 2014 BTC and CBL response to URCA's Preliminary Determination re SMP
11 Feb, 2013 URCA Decision, CBL's SuperBasic Price Application
23 Jan, 2013 Final URCA Decision on USO
21 Dec, 2012 BTC RAIO Charges to be Based on International Benchmarks
21 Sep, 2012 UPDATE: Setting BTC RAIO Charges Going Forward
10 Sep, 2012 Responses to BTC RAIO Going Forward
04 Sep, 2012 CBL Applies for Price Increase in SuperBasic
07 Aug, 2012 Number Portability: Final Determination Issued
27 Jul, 2012 Cost Efficiency Targets for BTC; Setting Future RAIO Charges