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The Electronic Communications Sector (ECS) in The Bahamas comprises fixed and mobile telephone services, spectrum and numbering, Internet services and broadcasting including pay television. Service providers may be broadly categorised by telecommunications and broadcasting markets.


Telecommunications encompasses all internet and data, voice telephone and radio spectrum services and networks.

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The Bahamas Telecommunications Company Limited (BTC) has significant market power (SMP) in fixed and mobile telephony, including voice and data. By statute, BTC is the exclusive provider of mobile telephone services in The Bahamas, until April 2014.

Cable Bahamas Limited (CBL), a publicly traded company, is an SMP in the provision of high speed data services and connectivity.


Broadcasting comprises provision of television or radio programmes, or teletext services; and also includes pay-television services. The market encompasses private broadcasters and the Government owned, Broadcasting Corporation of The Bahamas, which is the designated public service broadcaster.

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