Electronic Communications Sector

Significant Market Power(SMP)

Significant market power (SMP) is the regulatory status representing a dominant position in a given market. It describes the licensee who enjoys a position of economic strength that permits that licensee to behave in a manner appreciably independent of competitors, consumers and subscribers, such that it enables excessive pricing and anticompetitive behaviour. URCA therefore places certain obligations on these SMP operators in furtherance of URCA’s mandate to promote fair and sustainable competition.

In April 2010, following a consultation exercise that began in September 2009, URCA published a final decision on “Obligations imposed on Operators with Significant Market Power (SMP)”.

SMP Operators

The Bahamas Telecommunications Company Limited (BTC) is an SMP Operator in the provision of:

Cable Bahamas Limited (CBL) is an SMP Operator in the provision of: