About URCA

Vision, Values and Strategic Outlook

URCA’s Vision is twofold, addressing separately URCA’s external and internal stakeholders.

URCA’s External Vision Statement
To be a globally renowned utilities regulator and competition authority which is recognised for championing the interested of persons in The Bahamas, and of the sectors we regulate. We will do this through the development, adoption and application of best practices in policy and regulation.

URCA’s Internal Vision Statement
We will develop a harmonious work environment characterised by honesty, trust and mutual respect. We will achieve this by developing the technical and soft skills of our people and transformational leadership across the organisation.

This vision is supported by a Mission that states:

We are driven by a commitment to advancing public interests through achieving sustainable competition and effective regulations of utilities and broadcasting. We are guided by our core values and dedicated to the continuous development of our people.

URCA’s strategic goals are based on four priority areas:

  1. Promoting the interests of the public
  2. URCA’s Commitment to developing its people
  3. Cultivating a work environment based on employee engagement, transformational leadership and effective management.
  4. URCA’s Commitment to public engagement

The URCA value system comprises seven defining principles that guide URCA’s daily efforts:

  1. Always consider consumer interests: We understand our stakeholders so that we can deliver effectively and efficiently for them.
  2. Keep our promises: We are passionate about doing what we say we will.
  3. Champion professional conduct: We act with integrity and take personal responsibility.
  4. Do what’s right: We do what matters for our stakeholders.
  5. Succeed together: We debate, decide and collaborate as a team.
  6. Open communications: We encourage open and honest dialogue.
  7. Skilled and motivated colleagues: Our team is skilled and motivated to do their best.